a.1.Dishonest; dishonorable.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If the word "dishonest" is too strong as a description of the bill, how about "unhonest"?
Does the medical profession, struggling for the public's confidence, have to deal in this unhonest way?
And to this ende (good Reader) is this tragicall matter written, to describe unto thee a coople of unfortunate lovers, thralling themselves to unhonest desire, neglecting the authoritie and advise of parents and frendes, conferring their principall counsels with dronken gossyppes, and superstitous friers (the naturally fitte instruments of unchastitie) attempting all adventures of peryll, for thattaynyng of their wished lust, usying auriculer confession (the kay of whoredome, and treason) for furtheraunce of theyr purpose, abusying the honorable name of lawefull marriage, the cloke the shame of stolne contractes, finallye, by all meanes of unhonest lyle, hastyng to most unhappye dearhe.[10]
The lovers here are not only 'unfortunate', but also 'unhonest' (twice), and 'unhappy'.
Those filthie and unhonest gestures and movings of the Interlude players, what other thing doe they reache, than wanton pleasure, and stirring up of fleshly lustes unlawfull appetites and desires?