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adj. Archaic
Not hoped or looked for.
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Adj.1.unhoped - so unexpected as to have not been imaginedunhoped - so unexpected as to have not been imagined; "an unhoped-for piece of luck"; "an unthought advantage"; "an unthought-of place to find the key"
unexpected - not expected or anticipated; "unexpected guests"; "unexpected news"
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Men on cycles, lean-faced, unkempt, scorched along every country lane shouting of unhoped deliverance, shouting to gaunt, staring figures of despair.
They meet with religious regularity [and] they display a degree of enthusiasm and devotion heretofore unsuspected and unhoped for.
London, July 16 (ANI): French First Lady Carla Bruni, who is expecting a child with President Nicolas Sarkozy, has described her pregnancy as "unexpected and unhoped for".
I made an album, but it is not quite finished because of this future unexpected and unhoped for happiness," Bruni said.