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Adv.1.unhygienically - in an unhygienic mannerunhygienically - in an unhygienic manner; "the meat is unhygienically processed on wooden tables"
hygienically - in a hygienic manner; "the body must cared for hygienically"
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She further warned that a lot of people prefer to eat Iftar outside the home, and these meals cooked in the bulk, at times unhygienically. "Spicy food is also causing more cases of upset stomachs in Ramazan".
In another incident, a number of expats were also arrested for selling vegetables unhygienically in Musannah.
Illnesses arise when people consume foods that are handled unhygienically and produced or prepared in ways that enhance risks.Food safety is interconnected.
The Punjab Food Authority after cracking down on cafes and restaurants selling donkey meat and unhygienically prepared food has now initiated a province-wide crackdown on honey sellers.
Dr Prabhakar Patil, specialist paediatrician at Medcare Women & Children Hospital, said food prepared unhygienically or stored and transported improperly can cause food poisoning when consumed.
Stomach and esophagus cancers are caused as people consume unhygienically preserved and smoked meat, he had said, and advocated changing food habits, control obesity and turn their backs to tobacco could make the region cancer-free.
They are more vulnerable perhaps due to the large infective dose of Entamoeba histolytica and other bacterial pathogens ingested with the unhygienically brewed beverage.
(6) Jews choose to live unhygienically. (6) Jews were not barred from many if not most professions historically.