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Having or consisting of a single legislative chamber.

[uni- + Latin camera, chamber; see camera + -al.]

u′ni·cam′er·al·ly adv.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or characterized by a single legislative chamber
ˌuniˈcameralism n
ˌuniˈcameralist n
ˌuniˈcamerally adv


(ˌyu nɪˈkæm ər əl)

(of a legislative body) consisting of a single chamber or house.
[1850–55; uni- + Latin camer(a) chamber + -al1]
u`ni•cam′er•al•ism, n.
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Adj.1.unicameral - composed of one legislative bodyunicameral - composed of one legislative body  
bicameral - composed of two legislative bodies


[ˈjuːnɪˈkæmərəl] ADJunicameral
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The letter, signed by 39 lawmakers in the country's 76-seat unicameral parliament, was sent to Enkhbold after an amendment on dismissing the parliament speaker came into force on Friday.
Of course our government expenditure will be further reduced if we will have a unicameral instead of the existing bicameral legislative body.
Voting took place in 300 parliamentary constituencies to elect members of the National Assembly, which was then the only chamber of a unicameral parliament.
Every country in the world has some form of representative government, and parliamentary systems fall into two categories: bicameral - with two chambers of parliament - and unicameral - with one chamber.
Parliamentary systems fall into two categories: bicameral (with two chambers of parliament) and unicameral (with one chamber).
This is made possible because under a parliamentary unicameral system, one who controls the ruling party also controls the government; thus, there are no checks and balances.
They have begun to talk not just of setting up a federal system of government, but also of having a unicameral parliament or congress, claiming the present bicameral system just slows down the work of government.
He announced that there was no humanitarian crisis in the country - something that the opposition, which controlled the country's unicameral National Assembly, keeps insisting on.
This makes the proposed shift to a unicameral system of legislature under a federal form of government more pressing.
The ruling Democratic Party currently controls 121 seats, far short of a majority in the 300-seat unicameral parliament.
At the moment the LVZS holds 56 seats in Lithuania's 141-seat unicameral parliament, known as the Seimas.