(ˈjuːnɪˌkʌlə) or




(ˈjuːnɪˌkʌləd) or


(Colours) of one colour; monochromatic
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, (US) unicolor, unicoloured, (US) unicolored
adjeinfarbig; clothesuni
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Odontotermes horai, Odontotermes obeses, Coptotermes hemi and Microtermes unicolour were recorded from soil cores and trees of Taxila, district Rawalpindi, Pakistan, examined.
The results on the diversity of termites in different areas of Taxila, District Rawalpindi indicated that four species of termites i.e., Odontotermes horai, Odontotermes obeses, Microtermes unicolour (Family Termitidae) and Coptotermes hemi (Family Rhinotermitidae) were recorded from the soil cores (n = 200) and different trees examined (n = 168; Table I).
Stefan Schmied, president of tiles and sanitaryware, RAK Ceramics, said customers could pick from a balanced product portfolio of 15 designs including the Solids Range, Stones Range, Marbles Range, Concrete Range, Wood Range, Metal Range and Maximus Unicolour. The designs come in different colours and are continuously developing according to customer needs.
Whilst it is usually very hard to comment on the performance of particular designs within a short period of time, we have seen strong demand for Maximus Unicolour in markets of the GCC, India and Europe because of their unique finish and designs which give the collection a distinct look," he said.
"The cars broke the rule of unicolour and design; a regulation enforced since September 2014."
"The unicolour and design regulation is also aimed to win customers' satisfaction."
" The density of cheetal ( Axis axis), sambar ( Cervus unicolour), nilgai ( blue- bull), Chinkara chow singha ( four- horned antelope) and wild boar per square km is much higher as compared to Gir.
Seta-spigot homology and silk production in first instar Antrodiaetus unicolour spiderlings (Araneae: Antrodiaetidae).
Furniture shown in picture: Yale mobile desk extension (left), pounds 24.99; Yale 2 mobile two-drawer filing cabinet (right), pounds 39.99; Unicolour green magazine file, pounds 2.49 (on top).