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1. A vehicle typically consisting of a saddle mounted over a single wheel and propelled by pedals.
2. Any of various other single-wheeled vehicles.

[uni- + -cycle, perhaps on the model of bicycle.]

u′ni·cy′clist n.
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Noun1.unicyclist - a person who rides a unicycleunicyclist - a person who rides a unicycle  
pedaler, pedaller - a person who rides a pedal-driven vehicle (as a bicycle)
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Princess Parade 10.30-11.15am & 1.30-1.45pm: Stilt walkers; 12-12.30pm: Pipers; 12.30-1pm: Jugglers; 1.30-1.45pm: Unicyclist | Whole site: 11am-1pm: Parade of Song Liverpool ONE 11-11.30am: House of Suarez
A funny thing happened to Darren Connell on the way to the show - he got knocked down by a unicyclist and smashed his watch.
A unicyclist will wobble over wine glasses, a man tries to prove he's got the strongest head in the country by smashing 10 watermelons, and a farmer will try to name each sheep in his flock of sheep while blindfolded.
Stephen Mulhern welcomes to the studio the acts that defy expectations, including a unicyclist who will wobble over 100 wine glasses, and a man who attempts to smash 10 watermelons on his head in 90 seconds.
The production is complete with acrobats, contortionists, a unicyclist, jugglers, clowns, a very young magician and aerialists.
Steve Copplestone captures the unicyclist |powering up a steep hill
Slowspoke: A Unicyclist's Guide to America (reprint, 2013)
Slowpoke: A Unicyclist's Guide to America is a road trip of a different ilk, foregoing the usual car, motorcycle and bicycle in favor of yet another beast; the unicycle.
In a better world, where showmanship was valued more highly than pragmatism, Southampton could line up with a unicyclist RPSPORT
"The consistent response to seeing a unicyclist is related to sexual development, suggesting that humour develops from aggression in males," he said.
The experienced unicyclist - he's pedaled up Mount Washington, among other places - finished his first trip up George Street in a little more than a minute yesterday morning.