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Involving, dependent on, or controlled by a single gene.
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Sin embargo, para este estudio se escogio el sistema de puntuacion binaria originalmente propuesto (0-0-1-1) y que sugiere entonces una estructura unifactorial. Para la identificacion de posibles casos, se determino el punto de corte 4 (12).
This study proposed the following: Firstly, drawing up a reduced version of the ccA to use with schoolchildren; secondly, analysing its internal consistency and deciding whether a unifactorial model, with all the distinctive behaviour grouped in one factor, or a multidimensional model, constituted by five first-order factors grouped around one higher order factor, would be the factor structure that best fitted the data in samples of adolescents.
A partir de un analisis de varianza (Tejedor, 1999; Spiegel et al., 2007), se disenaron dos modelos ANOVA, uno unifactorial y otro multifactorial, en funcion de las necesidades de la investigacion:
In the present study, NSAIDs were noted to be most common cause of drug induced renal failure with either as unifactorial, or together with other contributory factors as multifactorial (Figure 1).
The etiologies of stroke in children are multiple risk factors coexist unlike unifactorial etiology of stroke in adults.
According to CFA, a unifactorial structure was found.
Two separate unifactorial analyses of variance (ANOVA) were applied to detect significant differences in quantitative indices (GCA and SCA, TD, N/C, LI and CHI) as a function of time and gonad developmental stages, respectively.