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Verb1.uniformize - make uniform; "the data have been uniformized"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
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After obtaining the fruits, they were sent to the Laboratory of Seed Analysis of the Plant Science Department of UFERSA, where the seeds were extracted and manually processed using a #1/4-mesh sieve to remove the sarcotesta and then soaked in distilled water at ambient temperature for 96 h to accelerate and uniformize germination.
Specifically, according to the OED, uniformize is used in mathematics, whereas tenderize is used about food with the meaning 'make meat tender'.
The SS surfaces were mechanically polished (both sides) with SiC papers of 600 and 1200 grain size to remove native oxides and other contaminants which may originate from material processing and to uniformize surface topography for all SS samples regardless of their type.
For this structure, tree trunks and wires are used to support the leaves and grapes in order to uniformize the height of the crop.
This specialty treatment system helps to uniformize skin tone irregularities and help to correct the appearance of dark spots with triple-action formulas that help to brighten, exfoliate and protect the skin from the visible signs of aging.
Nine different coffee samples were obtained using pure Arabica and Robusta coffee with coffee/water ratio of 7.5 g/100 mL to uniformize the comparison of brewing techniques in terms of CQAs content.
In order to uniformize the truncation errors when a numerical integrator is used, there are three main ways: the use of a very small stepsize, the use of a adaptive stepsize method, and the use of a change in the temporal variable to get an appropriate distribution of the points in the orbit so that the points are mostly concentrated in the regions where the speed and curvature are maxima.
With this new system, the intention is to promote the integration of tax administrations, through standardization and sharing of accounting and tax information, observing legal restriction; to rationalize and to uniformize the accessory obligations for taxpayers, with the establishment of the single transmission of different accessory obligations of different inspecting agencies; to speed up the identification of tax violations, by improving process control, quick access to information, and more effective inspection of operations, crisscrossing data and conducting electronic audits.
The mechanism of aggression toward a male rival indicates Poe's irrational desire for self-punishment and self-destruction, also noticeable in his struggle to uniformize the "self" and the "self-consciousness."
Moreover, a grip holder was used to uniformize the shrinkage of the polymer and the mold, so that the thermal stress concentration could be decreased.
Ideologies turn out to be an extreme form of the attempt to uniformize a society's significations: an attempt which in modernity indeed does not occupy the entire society but it does occupy the majority of social reality (Erjavec 43).