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Of or developing in a linear, usually progressive sequence.
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developing in a single progressive sequence, esp from simple to advanced
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(ˌyu nəˈlɪn i ər)

developing or evolving in a steady, consistent, and undeviating way.
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class="MsoNormalCIVILISATIONS class="MsoNormalAs its historic mission, the Institute has to unmask and discredit the accepted lazy, unilinear and exclusive history of human civilisation as starting with Ancient Greece, which begets Rome, which begets Christian Europe, which begets the Renaissance, which begets the enlightenment, and which begets liberal democracy and the industrial revolution and the West's global hegemony.
Past researchers often studied acculturation or enculturation separately (unilinear model) or use them both (bilinear model) when comparing relationships with other variables.
law schools well after professional historians had repudiated them, particularly as manifested in simplistic "theories of a unilinear evolutionary development and of the Teutonic origins of Anglo-Saxon civilization." (12)
Professor Branislav Sarkanjac said the name problem with Greece was a result to a great extent of the unilinear history according to which Greece is the cradle of European democracy and the ideal upon which the identity of Germany and Britain was built.
The unilinear model appeared in the literature first and proposes that as individuals adapt to and internalize a second culture, they simultaneously lose ties with their culture of origin (Gordon, 1964, 1978).
Assim, trabalha-se com o conceito de povo e a reformulacao de regras estatais, de tal forma que tambem se identifique o atendimento das particularidades daqueles que foram historicamente excluidos da politica e do Estado, com a empreitada para o desenvolvimento de estudos historicos, literarios e culturais com perspectiva latino-americana para que se compreenda os eventos e processos sociais dos povos, "que podem ser considerados verdadeiros marcos na construcao do pensamento politico e intelectual no continente e, entretanto, nao se encaixam na perspectiva unilinear e evolucionista que marca a forma de propagacao do pensamento moderno, dos centros civilizatorios de poder para o restante do mundo" (BRAGATO, 2011, p.
We see it in the work of Edward Tylor, Sir James Frazer, Lucien Levy-Bruhl and others, using second hand data from travellers, missionaries and colonial administrators, and within the theoretical framework of unilinear evolution.
Digital distribution of this unilinear format of the TV series has made for much more consistency and complexity in plotting and character development, because writers are aware that the series will be watched as a whole rather than as single episodes.