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Making use of or written in one language only.


1. (Linguistics) of or relating to only one language
2. (Linguistics) chiefly Canadian knowing only one language
(Linguistics) chiefly Canadian a person who knows only one language
ˌuniˈlingualˌism n


(ˌyu nəˈlɪŋ gwəl)

using only one language; monolingual.
u`ni•lin′gual•ism, n.


[ˌjuːnɪˈlɪŋgwəl] ADJmonolingüe
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Children learn languages extremely quickly when immersed early and multilingual children in studies around the world have also been found to learn faster and be placed better later in life than those who are unilingual, it said.
To achieve Quebec's vision of "an ethnically pluralistic but linguistically unilingual francophone nation" (Behiels 1991,22), the Ministere de l'Education, de l'Enseignement superieur (MEES) (formerly Ministere de l'Education du loisir et du sport [MELS]) created curricular policies intending to attune students to diversity and to prepare them to live in a diverse society.
It is certain that each time there is an event like that: some arrogance from a unilingual Anglophone, which is what it is, it reinforces FrancoOntarians' conviction.
When it comes to the content language(s), 72.92 per cent of journals (105) are unilingual, 19.44 per cent as bilingual (28), 4.17 titles (6) in three languages, 2.78 per cent titles (4) in four languages and a single title (0.69%) is published in more than four languages.
Zorn's story is a different one, though there is a Montreal multicultural reality here too, since his father was a unilingual American married to a French Canadian.
While the University of Alberta was very much a unilingual, anglophone institution, the doctoral program in educational administration did purposefully include francophones.
The Manitoba "school issue" had been settled in 1916 when Manitoba had to accept a unilingual school system.
213-34, appendix 1)--she concludes that those models with unilingual Akkadian texts are to be dated to between 1560 and 1450 b.c.e.
Paying Attention to the Words: Practical and Theoretical Problems in Watching Television Programmes with Unilingual (CEEFAX) Sub-titles.
It would be a cruel irony if the unlawful and heartbreaking loss of aboriginal languages occasioned by the residential schools tragedy ended up disqualifying a unilingual Indigenous candidate for the Supreme Court of Canada.
The Government will impose a moratorium on bilingual offices that were slated to become unilingual. They will continue to provide services to the public in both official languages until new and modernized regulations are in place.
We have, those of us who study Arabic, a fairly unilingual view of the medieval or pre-modern Arabo-Islamic world, when in fact people were speaking not just different dialects of Arabic but no doubt bits of Persian and Greek or what have you.