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'Without lime,' returned that unmoved barrister-at-law, 'my existence would be unilluminated by a ray of hope.'
Upon opening my eyes then, and coming out of my own pleasant and self-created darkness into the imposed and coarse outer gloom of the unilluminated twelve-o'clock-at-night, I experienced a disagreeable revulsion.
On the side facing the road, its sign remains strangely unilluminated above floor-to-ceiling glass panels which house tall cushioned stools and raised heavy wooden tables, lit by blue neon tubes.
The Aspergillus and Penicillium cultures on PDA were incubated unilluminated at 30 and 25[degrees]C, respectively, for 7 days.
Caption: Figure 8: (a) Photoconductivity transient characteristics of unilluminated (1) and illuminated (2) array of a few SbSI nanowires for different light intensities: black circle--100% [I.sub.L0], red circle--63% [I.sub.L0], green circle--40% [I.sub.L0], blue circle--25% [I.sub.L0], pink circle--10% [I.sub.L0].
The star will reappear on the other side from behind the Moon's very thin dark sector (Luna is only 5% unilluminated) up to an hour or more later.
One compartment always remained unilluminated. The illumination regime consisted of a daily pseudo-random change of the location of each light type among the three compartments (Fig.
While astronomy enthusiasts are excited about the rare lunar event, some conspiracy theorists believe the second new moon is a sign of the apocalypse. Certain biblical passages referencing a darkened sun, unilluminated moons and falling stars are thought to be key signs marking the apocalypse, according to ( Signs of the Times , a site that linked the end of time to interesting sky events with several texts from the bible.
This pre-industrial world, literally and intellectually unilluminated, allowed for the promiscuity of these kinds of fear.
While plain old "unilluminated" 3-9X scopes still outsell any other hunting scopes, the new standard among the growing number of long-range hunters is a 30mm scope with more magnification and an illuminated reticle.
This view looks toward the unilluminated side of the rings from about 0.3 degrees below the ring plane.
The eyes on impressions (EOI) is the total number of times people passing a sign are likely to notice the ad for 12 hours (unilluminated), 18 hours (illuminated), or 24 hours (illuminated).