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Adj.1.unimodal - having a single mode
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
bimodal - of a distribution; having or occurring with two modes
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The authors extend results for unimodal maps and multimodal maps to generalized multimodal maps, and prove several definitions of geometric pressure P(t) give the same value for pressure on periodic orbits, tree pressure, and variational pressure.
Unimodal, one of the segments analyzed and sized in this study, displays the potential to grow at over 29.9%.
All the options individual learning style is evaluated on the basis of four sensory modilities.8 The VARK model is also useful in identifying a student's preferred learning mode and helps to categorize a student as 'unimodal', i.e.
Students in 3rd semester showed preference for unimodal style (49%; auditory - 20%, visual - 16%, kinesthetic 9%, reading-writing - 4%).
Its flow characteristics during injection moulding are similar to those of a unimodal HDPE with an MFI more than three times higher.
Importantly, if the effective vertical stress was increased, the dominant diameter peak for macropores would disappear, i.e., the PSD would assume a unimodal behavior.
Sabic HDPE CCX027C polymer exhibits strong shear thinning, which means that even though it has a relatively low MFI (0.8 g/10 min, 2.16 kg), its flow characteristics during injection molding are similar to those of a unimodal HDPE with an MFI more than three times higher.
Males preferred the unimodal style, while females preferred the bimodal and quadmodal styles almost equally (p<0.05).
Note that a circular kernel is usually chosen to be a circular density, unimodal and symmetric around its mean direction which is zero, and it is characterized by a concentration parameter [kappa] which governs the amount of the smoothing (see, e.g., Di Marzio et al.
In this test, [f.sub.1]-[f.sub.5] are unimodal functions, whereas [f.sub.6]-[f.sub.11] are multimodal functions.