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Adv.1.unimpressively - in an unimpressive mannerunimpressively - in an unimpressive manner; "she scored unimpressively low in the first round of the competition"
imposingly, impressively - in an impressive manner; "the students progressed impressively fast"
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American students score rather unimpressively on the OECD's Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which measures high-school students' skills in math, reading, and science every three years.
Iranian-American soccer coach Afshin Qotbi, who has been circling Asia coaching teams in one country after another, has returned to Iran to take over as coach of Foolad Khuzestan, which now sits unimpressively in ninth place of the 16-team Iranian premiere league.
There was a stage earlier in the season when you worried they might be pushing their luck by playing unimpressively and winning so often.
Typically weighing 235 grains or so, they tend to mushroom massively and penetrate unimpressively. I've interviewed hunters who have seen even the toughest versions of the type falter on broadside shots on medium-size hogs.
I find Fuguet's characters to be groundbreaking precisely because many of them remain so unimpressively mainstream.
But Pakistan exportgrowth has performed unimpressively over the last years, following the similar global trade patterns.
Davis averaged 18.3 points and 10.8 rebounds in the four games he played for the KaTropa but he shot the ball rather unimpressively with an 18 percent clip from beyond the arc and an overall 33 percent from the field.
If Megan left satisfied (in the kind of way you're satisfied unimpressively by a poor petrol-station sandwich), Gwyn was left in a state of panic.
Ethiopian as the airline is generally known, for consecutive years has remained the saving grace for Africa in view of the abysmal outings of other airlines from the continent many of which had collapsed unceremoniously while the few that are still are doing so unimpressively.
While birch sap typically offers an unimpressively low sugar content of 1 percent or less, it produces impressive amounts of sap, oftentimes double that of similarly sized maple trees.
However impressively, or - on much of this evidence - unimpressively England qualify, Hodgson's future should be determined purely by the performances at the Euro 2016 tournament itself.
They not only batted unimpressively, but bowled and fielded poorly, to let Chennai record a thumping victory.