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Providing little or no information; not informative.

un′in·for′ma·tive·ly adv.


in an uninformative manner
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Adv.1.uninformatively - in an uninformative manner; "`I can't tell you when the manager will arrive,' he said rather uninformatively"
informatively, instructively - in an informative manner
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So is "'Sight is just dust'" (600) reprinted here, as Phipps-Kettlewell rather uninformatively puts it, "in the form in which it appeared in the posthumous selection Scattered Poems" (707).
There are no specific metadata title tags on many of the district site's pages; thus, the related search results are repetitively and uninformatively identified only as "Mayfield." There are also often duplicate listings.
Where fewer than 50 worms from an infection could be found, estimates of the proportion of sexual morphs had uninformatively large standard errors, especially given the small number of infections per experimental group.