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 (ŭn-ĭn′trĭ-stĭng, -tər-ĭ-stĭng, -tə-rĕs′tĭng)
Arousing little or no interest or curiosity; boring.

un·in′ter·est·ing·ly adv.
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(ʌnˈɪntrɪstɪŋlɪ; ʌnˈɪntərɛstɪŋlɪ)
in a way that is not interesting
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Adv.1.uninterestingly - in an uninteresting manneruninterestingly - in an uninteresting manner    
interestingly - in an interesting manner; "when he ceases to be just interestingly neurotic and...gets locked up"- Time
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He had been in such a state of shyness and nervousness that Marilla had given him up in despair, but Anne took him in hand so successfully that he now sat at the table in his best clothes and white collar and talked to the minister not uninterestingly. He never said a word to Mrs.
Uninterestingly as many as eight Pakistan captains including Imtiaz Ahmad, Hanif Mohammad, Javed Burki, Majid Khan, Intikhab Alam, Wasim
But he doesn't always know his A material from his B, or doesn't care; his jokes can be uninterestingly glib with tiny, bloodless pricks that are less about challenging the audience than about obscuring the material's cliches and overriding theatricality.
Students Teachers I am not interested 2% -- in articles of this type I am not interested 2% -- in any form of chemistry It is written 3% -- uninterestingly It is boring 2% -- It is written 1% -- unclearly Other 5% (cannot 10% (cannot find time for find time for it) it) Table 4.
Many biomedical science students view science as hard, boring, or uninterestingly presented [19].
The plot is uninterestingly linear, leaving the reader to hope for a grand finale that unfortunately does not happen.
Uninterestingly, they turned out to be a couple of gents, South African though they were ...