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Adj.1.unintrusive - not interfering or meddlingunintrusive - not interfering or meddling    
intrusive - tending to intrude (especially upon privacy); "she felt her presence there was intrusive"
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All are similarly brisk and all are mated with a slick and unintrusive eight-speed automatic transmission.
As if by serendipity, when Laya, who's just had her heart broken by her erstwhile boyfriend, the flirtatious and disloyal Maui (Markus Paterson), crosses paths with Pol, she finds solace and surprising reassurance from Pol's unintrusive presence and comforting charm.
I was talking to a lot of people on the march and a lot who are making their mortgage payments but they're struggling so I suppose a lot of them were there in the fear that some day it could be them who find themselves in arrears." The Midlands North-West representative said he believes the McGann family would be pleased as they requested the event should be as "peaceful and unintrusive as possible".
Blockthrough helps publishers recover revenue lost to adblocking by creating safe, unintrusive ad experiences that leverage the publisher's existing monetisation partners, including their header bidding demand.
Had Instagram gone forward with the idea, it would have been relatively unintrusive. Instead of showing an abrasive notification every time someone took a screenshot or recorded the screen during a story, it just would have put a little camera icon next to their name on the list of users who viewed the story.
Fuchs's unintrusive approach respects their apparent desire for privacy, but one also wonders whether it is his pictures that generate this impression or whether it is the portrayed who demand a space to themselves.
While you may have worked to make data governance as unintrusive as possible, you expect that everyone will participate and adhere to the policies and procedures.
This is a very unintrusive approach for the bank to identify them.
State lawyers contend the Virginia justices got it right, emphasizing that the officers search was brief, unintrusive and limited in scope.
The result: an innovative display mounted on the restraint bar that offers relevant content with unintrusive advertising.
They are decent and low-key, yet the effects appear valuable, but unintrusive. This is why such colors stand for traditional and rock solid values like respect and appreciation, but also for sustainability and a careful use of resources.
Gary Marx, for example, proposes that in relatively unintrusive "soft surveillance" situations subjects may be more willing to give up body data, whereas Frank Furedi adds to this by noting that the "confessional mode" of today's "therapy cultures" encourages public displays of vulnerability.