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Adj.1.unionised - not converted into ions
2.unionised - being a member of or formed into a labor unionunionised - being a member of or formed into a labor union; "organized labor"; "unionized workers"; "a unionized shop"
union - of trade unions; "the union movement"; "union negotiations"; "a union-shop clause in the contract"
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The need to regularise is due to anomalies which existed in the pay scales of executives of the four PSUs since January 1997 due to revision of pay scales of unionised category of workmen/non-executives.
'All junior staff employed in the Federal and state corporations, civil service employees classified as technical, workers of sports commissions and stadia, public recreation clubs by whatever name called, swimming pools, amusement centres, including carnivals, circuses, zoological garden and services similarly classified, excluding radio, television, NITEL, NIPOST, railways, airways and other corporation workers already unionised shall become members of AUPCTRE.
Answering a question from the MP for Gaborone North Mr Haskins Nkaigwa, Mr Mabeo said his ministry had established that the employees were in fact unionised, but their union had not been recognised for bargaining purposes since it did not meet the one third of the employees of the employer as stipulated under Section 48 of the Trade Union and Employers; Organisations Act.In addition, Minister Mabeo said he was not aware that majority of those employees had been working for the company for more than 15 years on one month contracts respectively.
Later strikes were less successful amid an atmosphere of increasing violence between unionised miners, non-unionised rival workers and the colliery owners.
South Korea-based Hyundai Motor's (KSE: 005380) unionised workers in South Korea have agreed to go on a strike for a fifth consecutive year after wage talks broke down, Indian Express has reported, citing a spokesman.
As contract talks drag on at Berkshire Hathaway's (BRK/B) NetJets Inc unionised pilots flight attendants mechanics and related employees maintenance controllers stock clerks and flight dispatchers are picketing at customer locations in California New Jersey and the company's Columbus Ohio corporate headquarters according to the NetJets Union Coalition.
There are 260 CPSEs in the country employing 13.98 lakh persons (2.74 lakh executives, 0.31 lakh non-unionized supervisors and 10.93 lakh unionised supervisors and workmen) as on 31st March 2012.
Given that most unionised workers earn more and have better benefits, on average, than nonunionised workers, it would seem odd to find that unionised workers would be less satisfied with their jobs.
International Resource News-January 14, 2011--Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde SAA's unionised workers cancel strike action(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
# Industry leaders reacted angrily yesterday to comments ascribed to Morgan Stanley, telling clients to pull their money out of heavily unionised industries.
INDUSTRY leaders reacted angrily yesterday to comments ascribed to US investment bank Morgan Stanley telling clients to pull their money out of heavily unionised industries.
But the LVA claims only 20 per cent of the 765 pubs in Dublin are fully unionised and a further 10 per cent "part unionised".