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Today, maximizing unit readiness is our number one priority as we prepare forces for combatant commanders' rotational and contingency operations.
Unit readiness reporting requirements and semiannual training briefings will include focused discussions on MITS-driven training and readiness requirements.
"This requirement adversely affects unit readiness as it restricts the commander's ability in determining whether the limitation would prevent the member from performing his or her primary duties," the memo reads.
The program empowers Soldiers to make small changes in their lives to maximize performance and optimize unit readiness, while also increasing overall quality of life among Soldiers, their Families, and their communities.
The company commander of the 613th felt that the unit movement from Puerto Rico to Fort Leavenworth exercised complete mobilization and deployability, which significantly improved unit readiness.
A comprehensive approach to joint readiness requires that we focus on the traditional metrics associated with unit readiness while also assessing and adjusting our posture to deliver joint capabilities where it matters, when it matters.
Depot training reaches beyond the limits of general knowledge skills associated with occupational specialties and dramatically increases work force and unit readiness.
And it also revealed that soldiers of both genders were nervous about women entering combat jobs, with men worried that unit readiness would be degraded and women worried they would be seen as getting a job because of their gender and not their qualifications.
The CTCs were thus tasked to modify their training environments that promote unit readiness for decisive action-focused forces.
The initiative is based on 3 principals: maintain the dominance of our nation's warfighting forces by preserving unit readiness, cohesion, and morale; validate both physical and mental occupational performance standards for all military occupational specialties; and set the conditions so all Soldiers, men or women, have an opportunity to succeed as their talents allow.
The UMT's essential elements were to select men meeting entrance requirements, and train them to achieve individual and collective skills thereby effectively contributing to unit readiness. As Taylor contends, perhaps the fatal flaw inherent in the UMT structure was the maintenance of racial segregation for the sake of military effectiveness.