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For instance, if a 70-year-old with no immediate liabilities buys a unit-linked policy it would certainly not be wise.
MANAMA: After receiving a positive response for the unit-linked insurance plan (Ulip) Fortune Builder, LIC (International) yesterday launched its new unit-linked policy in Bahrain.
However, my unit-linked policy is now worth only pounds 3,394compared to pounds 4,081last year.
And Robert Williamson, 35, from Nantwich, Cheshire, is due about pounds 8,000after being sold a unit-linked policy 14 years ago with the promise that it would pay off pounds 25,000 of his mortgage.
0 million euros) mainly due to the success of Platinia Patrimoine, the new unit-linked policy launched 1999.
With a UNIT-LINKED policy your monthly instalments buy units (like shares) in the life fund.
Distinguishing mark of a unit-linked policy is that the benefits depend upon the value of a unit, it differs from conventional forms of policy in the transparency of its structure.
In 2007, on the advice of his agent, he invested Rs 50,000 in a single-premium unit-linked policy of SBI Life called Unit Plus II.
The Brokerage division and Gaipare saw premium income rise by more than 20% to 46 million euros, owing mainly to the success of the new unit-linked policy launched in 1999.