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1. Of or relating to a unit.
2. Having the nature of a unit; whole.
3. Based on or characterized by one or more units.

u′ni·tar′i·ly adv.


formal in a unitary manner or from a unitary point of view
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This inventory management is made necessary by the requirements of the financial controllers to track unitarily and accounting, Especially for deployment, All linky equipment having a barcode.
Naturally, ecoeconomy becomes an integrative concept which can manage unitarily environmental, social, economic, or ethical issues.
The discrete measurement "event" (collapse) which selects a definite outcome of the measurement cannot be due to the physical system A-S), which evolves unitarily and supports no "events".
This system utilizes manufacturing performance data, which is collected and accumulated on the production lines, and unitarily visualizes the bottleneck work that causes process delays, excess and lack of working capacity and others.
This densely populated small territory is considered an "occupied territory" by the United Nations and international law, despite the fact that Israel has unitarily "disengaged" from Gaza in 2005.
Knardahl, "Behavior of hypertensive and hyperactive rat strains: hyperactivity is not unitarily determined," Physiology & Behavior, vol.
mxn] [right arrow] R is a continuously differentiable convex function, rank(X) is the rank of a matrix X, k [greater than or equal to] 0 is a given integer, [GAMMA] is a closed convex set, and [OMEGA] is a closed unitarily invariant convex set.
Obama, meanwhile, said the US would not hesitate to protect its allies unitarily if necessary, pointing out that no nation could shield itself from terrorism, flow of migrants or climate change.
The pencil [lambda]V*NV - V*MV, however, is unitarily congruent or equivalent in the complex transpose case to the original pencil, and the finite eigenvalue part can be simply extracted from the (1,1) block.
algebra M are unitarily equivalent in M if there exists u [member of] U(M) such that upu* = q (notation: p [~.
The portion of the Administrative Simplification provisions designed to protect the security of PHI are referred to singularly as the Security Rule, (39) while the set of regulations designed to protect the privacy of PHI is collectively known as the Standards for Privacy of Individuals' Identifiable Health Information, (40) and unitarily identified as the Privacy Rule.
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