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1. Of or relating to a unit.
2. Having the nature of a unit; whole.
3. Based on or characterized by one or more units.

u′ni·tar′i·ly adv.


formal in a unitary manner or from a unitary point of view
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For if it is necessary that the cause be to its own products what the 'one' is to the entire nature of beings, and the 'one' is unparticipated, transcending all beings likewise as unitarily productive of all things, it follows, then, that each of the other causes, imaging the excess of the 'one' to all things, transcends the things that are in secondaries and are participated by them.
Thus, the socialist movement from Romania, with the both components, the constructive-reforming, national line and the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist line were well-represented in Romania, although, in different ages, they were not treated unitarily (Nacu, 2017:29-31).
US has unitarily changed part of the contract dealing with one aspect, maybe it's time for Pakistan to determine upon a higher tariff rate than what's being paid now for NATO containers.
The case of unitarily invariant matrices is critical since the bounds are saturated (see [6]).
In this work, we consider random quantum states which have the property that their distribution is left unchanged by conjugation with arbitrary unitary operations; we call them unitarily invariant.
and [C.sub.[psi],[phi]] is unitarily equivalent to [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Naturally, ecoeconomy becomes an integrative concept which can manage unitarily environmental, social, economic, or ethical issues.
The discrete measurement "event" (collapse) which selects a definite outcome of the measurement cannot be due to the physical system A-S), which evolves unitarily and supports no "events".
This system utilizes manufacturing performance data, which is collected and accumulated on the production lines, and unitarily visualizes the bottleneck work that causes process delays, excess and lack of working capacity and others.
For N x N Hermitian matrices A and B, we have, for any unitarily invariant norm,
Por su parte Thomas Harrington, en "The Hidden History of Tripartite Iberianism" (2010), expande sus reflexiones de 2005 para discutir lo que considera uno de los impases de los Estudios Ibericos donde lo que se da es "an intra-Peninsular 'stand-off between unitarily constituted discourses of national identity which leaves little room for an analysis of hybrid, overlapping or multi-polar concepts of the Iberian past" (139) (5).
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