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Mr Garlick took the helm in 2008, just before the council became a unitary authority in 2009, and saw Durham named LGC Council of the Year in 2014.
The unitary authorities in our region have had their detractors and I often hear calls for the old district councils to be reinstated, but Northumberland Unitary Authority has only existed for five years and this is about separation rather than reform.
The value of the process was repeatedly brought into question after central government made it clear all district and borough councils would have to agree in order for a single unitary authority to replace them.
(3) Southend Borough Council (SBC) as a unitary authority is both as WDA and a WCA.
THOMAS WILKINSON, Middlesbrough COUNCILLOR David Walsh 'Our future with a City Deal' (7.10.13), could have opened an interesting debate suggesting a Teesside unitary authority, not because it is an idea that has not been suggested before, but because it is suggested by a sitting councillor of an existing authority which would see its own demise were it to come about.
We are a top-performing unitary authority in many areas, but there is room for much-needed improvement and we thank our supporters for giving us another five years to help carry out the work.
The last local government reshuffle in 1994 was flawed because it set the population level for unitary authority status at a mere 60,000.
It was an all-purpose unitary authority. In 1974 it was subsumed into the new Mid-Glamorgan county, because it was too small.
Their candidate John Dixon scored a landslide victory at Brookside, Tel-ford and Wrekin Borough - a unitary authority in Shropshire.
``Our priority is to raise standards and our results have improved each year since 1998 when we became a unitary authority.
HARTLEPOOL is a unitary authority so should be referred to as Hartlepool, North East England (Page 6, March 26)
Hexham Conservative MP Guy Opperman has revived a debate which raged prior to the creation of a single unitary authority for Northumberland in 2009 in the continuing dispute over county council plans to move its base and decentralise services.