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1. Combined into a single entity: three united companies functioning as a single unit.
2. Concerned with, produced by, or resulting from mutual action: a united effort to combat neighborhood crime.
3. Being in harmony; agreed: supported the policy as a united student body.

u·nit′ed·ly adv.
u·nit′ed·ness n.
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1. produced by two or more persons or things in combination or from their union or amalgamation: a united effort.
2. in agreement
3. in association or alliance
uˈnitedly adv
uˈnitedness n
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(yuˈnaɪ tɪd)

1. made into or caused to act as a single entity.
2. formed or produced by the uniting of persons or things: a united effort.
3. agreed; in harmony.
u•nit′ed•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.united - characterized by unityunited - characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity; "presented a united front"
collective - forming a whole or aggregate
integrated - not segregated; designated as available to all races or groups; "integrated schools"
joint - united or combined; "a joint session of Congress"; "joint owners"
divided - separated into parts or pieces; "opinions are divided"
2.united - of or relating to two people who are married to each otherunited - of or relating to two people who are married to each other
married - joined in matrimony; "a married man"; "a married couple"
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1. in agreement, agreed, unanimous, one, like-minded, in accord, of like mind, of one mind, of the same opinion Every party is united on the need for parliamentary democracy.
2. combined, leagued, allied, unified, pooled, concerted, collective, affiliated, in partnership, banded together the first elections in a united Germany for fifty eight years
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مُتَّحِدمُتَّحِد بالحُبمُوَحَّد
sameiginlegursameinaîursamrÿmdur, samtaka
birleşikbirleşmişmüşterekuyum içinde


A. ADJ [country, group] → unido; [effort] → conjunto
they were united by a common enemylos unía un enemigo común
to present a united front (to sb)presentar un frente unido (ante algn)
to be united in sth the family was united in griefla familia estaba unida por el dolor
they are united in their belief thatcomparten la creencia de que ...
they are united in their opposition to the planlos une su oposición al plan
we are united on the need to solve the problemcompartimos la necesidad de resolver el problema
united we stand, divided we fallunidos venceremos
B. CPD United Arab Emirates NPLEmiratos mpl Árabes Unidos
United Arab Republic NRepública f Árabe Unida
United Kingdom NReino m Unido (Inglaterra, Gales, Escocia, Irlanda del Norte)
United Nations (Organization) N(Organización f de las) Naciones fpl Unidas
United States (of America) NPLEstados mpl Unidos (de América)
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[juːˈnaɪtɪd] adj
(= in agreement) [team, family] → uni(e); [party, opposition] → unifié(e); [efforts] → conjugué(e)
to be united in sth [+ desire, dislike] → partager qch; [+ belief, willingness] → être uni(e) dans qch
to be united on sth [+ issue, need] → être d'accord sur qch
to be united against sb → être uni(e) contre qn
to be united against sth → être uni(e) contre qch
(= formed from two or more states) (currently one nation)uni(e); (reunified)unifié(e)United Arab Emirates npl
the United Arab Emirates → les Émirats mpl arabes unisUnited Kingdom n
the United Kingdom → le Royaume-UniUnited Nations npl
the United Nations → les Nations fpl uniesUnited States npl
the United States → les États-Unis mpl
the United States of America → les États-Unis mpl d'Amériqueunit price nprix m unitaire, prix m à l'unitéunit trust n (British)fonds m commun de placementSICAV f inv
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adjverbunden; group, nation, frontgeschlossen; (= unified) people, nationeinig; effortsvereint; united we stand, divided we fall (prov) → Einigkeit macht stark (Prov); a united Irelandein vereintes or vereinigtes Irland; to be united in the or one’s belief that …einig sein in seiner Überzeugung, dass …; to be united in opposing somethingetw vereint ablehnen; to be united by a common interestdurch ein gemeinsames Interesse verbunden sein; to form/maintain/present a united fronteine geschlossene Front bilden/aufrechterhalten/bieten


United Arab Emirates
United Arab Republic
United Kingdom
nVereinigtes Königreich (Großbritannien und Nordirland)
United Nations (Organization)
United Service Organization
n (US) Hilfsorganisation für die US-Armee, besonders für im Ausland stationierte Truppen
United States (of America)
plVereinigte Staaten pl(von Amerika)
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[juːˈnaɪtɪd] adj (family, people) → unito/a; (effort) → unitario/a; (efforts) → comune, congiunto/a
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(juˈnait) verb
1. to join together, or to make or become one. England and Scotland were united under one parliament in 1707; He was united with his friends again.
2. to act together. Let us unite against the common enemy.
uˈnited adjective
1. joined into a political whole. the United States of America.
2. joined together by love, friendship etc. They're a very united pair/family.
3. made as a result of several people etc working together for a common purpose. Let us make a united effort to make our business successful.
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a. unido-a, reunido-a con.
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We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
The government of the United States began to view with a wary eye the growing influence thus acquired by combinations of foreigners, over the aboriginal tribes inhabiting its territories, and endeavored to counteract it.
The Ten Original Amendments to the Constitution of the United States Passed by Congress September 25, 1789 Ratified December 15, 1791
Calculating upon the aversion of the people to monarchy, they have endeavored to enlist all their jealousies and apprehensions in opposition to the intended President of the United States; not merely as the embryo, but as the full-grown progeny, of that detested parent.
Yes, gentlemen, on that shield the Constitution of the United States was sculptured (by forms unseen, and in characters then invisible to mortal eye), the predestined and prophetic history of the one confederated people of the North American Union.
The armies were divided, there was no unity of command, and Barclay was unpopular; but from this confusion, division, and the unpopularity of the foreign commander in chief, there resulted on the one hand indecision and the avoidance of a battle (which we could not have refrained from had the armies been united and had someone else, instead of Barclay, been in command) and on the other an ever-increasing indignation against the foreigners and an increase in patriotic zeal.
To all outward appearance two perfectly commonplace children, we were mysteriously united by some kindred association of the spirit in her and the spirit in me, which not only defied discovery by our young selves, but which lay too deep for investigation by far older and far wiser heads than ours.
That consideration naturally tends to create great respect for the high opinion which the people of America have so long and uniformly entertained of the importance of their continuing firmly united under one federal government, vested with sufficient powers for all general and national purposes.
The act from Annapolis recommends the "appointment of commissioners to take into consideration the situation of the United States; to devise SUCH FURTHER PROVISIONS as shall appear to them necessary to render the Constitution of the federal government ADEQUATE TO THE EXIGENCIES OF THE UNION; and to report such an act for that purpose, to the United States in Congress assembled, as when agreed to by them, and afterwards confirmed by the legislature of every State, will effectually provide for the same."
And if this be rightly considered, he will be seen to have been much more merciful than the Florentine people, who, to avoid a reputation for cruelty, permitted Pistoia to be destroyed.[*] Therefore a prince, so long as he keeps his subjects united and loyal, ought not to mind the reproach of cruelty; because with a few examples he will be more merciful than those who, through too much mercy, allow disorders to arise, from which follow murders or robberies; for these are wont to injure the whole people, whilst those executions which originate with a prince offend the individual only.
BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the thirteenth day of June, in the forty-seventh year of the Independence of the United States of America, Charles Wiley, of the said District, hath deposited in this office the title of a Book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words and figures following, to wit:
There was not even a hard-surface road in the thirteen United States until 1794; nor even a postage stamp until 1847, the year in which Alexander Graham Bell was born.

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