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 (yo͞o′nĭ-tĭv, yo͞o-nī′-)
Serving to unite; tending to promote unity.
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1. tending to unite or capable of uniting
2. characterized by unity
ˈunitively adv
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(ˈyu nɪ tɪv)

1. capable of causing unity or serving to unite.
2. marked by or involving union.
[1520–30; < Late Latin ūnītīvus uniting = Latin ūnīt(us) (see unite1) + -īvus -ive]
u′ni•tive•ly, adv.
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He covers love as a unitive force, degrees of union, participation and the love of God, conformity and sin, the fulfillment of love in God, and the love of self and subjectivity.
The encyclical's emphasis on the "inseparable connection" between the "unitive and the procreative" qualities of married love, he said, marked a significant change in church teaching from before Vatican II; previously the church taught that the primary purpose of marriage was for procreation.
Each and every act of sexual intercourse must be both unitive (bonding and loving) and procreative (open to conception).
As President Erdogan said in the 13th Islamic Summit in Istanbul, in order to achieve peace he said 'We need to be unitive, not divisive.
In this work, Catherine describes the stages of the spiritual life according to the traditional threefold schema of the purgative, illuminative, and unitive ways, although she prefers to speak of them as three stairs or steps that the Christian must climb on the bridge of Christ's cross in order to reach heaven.
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(9) It is my contention that Whitman's use of the apostrophe in the immediate foreground of the Civil War is neither a rhetorical accident nor simply a poetic cliche, for where Whitman invokes the trope of the apostrophic O--a visual symbol of wholeness in its circularity--he optatively envisions and prefigures a unitive and democratic future in the face of his nation's dividing crisis.
Same-sex marriage is not right because marriage has a two-fold purpose (which cannot be separated): unitive (love) and procreative (having an offspring).
Hence, a 'unitive divine consciousness' based on a four-fold reconciliation (reconciliation with self, reconciliation with God, reconciliation with fellow human beings and reconciliation with nature) is an essential aspect of the moral and spiritual regeneration of India and the world.
Dyer presents the pro-homosexual position as saying that "the unitive function of sex can stand on its own." Indeed, a case could be made that it can.
Love is the unitive movement of the appetitive faculty upon perceiving the "good." For examples, upon seeing a good ice cream cone, we move to become one with it by eating; upon encountering a good performance of Mozart, we become one with it by listening; upon encountering a good friend (in person, or via letter, phone, e-mail, or recollection), we move to become one with her or him by talking, writing, embracing.