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tr.v. u·nit·ized, u·nit·iz·ing, u·nit·iz·es
1. To separate, classify, or package in discrete units.
2. To make or transform into a single unit.

u′nit·i·za′tion (yo͞o′nĭ-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˈjuːnɪˌtaɪz) or


vb (tr)
(Banking & Finance) to convert (an investment trust) into a unit trust
ˌunitiˈzation, ˌunitiˈsation n
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(ˈyu nɪˌtaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
1. to form or combine into one unit, as by welding parts together.
2. to divide or separate into units.
u`nit•i•za′tion, n.
u′nit•iz`er, n.
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Past participle: unitized
Gerund: unitizing

I unitize
you unitize
he/she/it unitizes
we unitize
you unitize
they unitize
I unitized
you unitized
he/she/it unitized
we unitized
you unitized
they unitized
Present Continuous
I am unitizing
you are unitizing
he/she/it is unitizing
we are unitizing
you are unitizing
they are unitizing
Present Perfect
I have unitized
you have unitized
he/she/it has unitized
we have unitized
you have unitized
they have unitized
Past Continuous
I was unitizing
you were unitizing
he/she/it was unitizing
we were unitizing
you were unitizing
they were unitizing
Past Perfect
I had unitized
you had unitized
he/she/it had unitized
we had unitized
you had unitized
they had unitized
I will unitize
you will unitize
he/she/it will unitize
we will unitize
you will unitize
they will unitize
Future Perfect
I will have unitized
you will have unitized
he/she/it will have unitized
we will have unitized
you will have unitized
they will have unitized
Future Continuous
I will be unitizing
you will be unitizing
he/she/it will be unitizing
we will be unitizing
you will be unitizing
they will be unitizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been unitizing
you have been unitizing
he/she/it has been unitizing
we have been unitizing
you have been unitizing
they have been unitizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been unitizing
you will have been unitizing
he/she/it will have been unitizing
we will have been unitizing
you will have been unitizing
they will have been unitizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been unitizing
you had been unitizing
he/she/it had been unitizing
we had been unitizing
you had been unitizing
they had been unitizing
I would unitize
you would unitize
he/she/it would unitize
we would unitize
you would unitize
they would unitize
Past Conditional
I would have unitized
you would have unitized
he/she/it would have unitized
we would have unitized
you would have unitized
they would have unitized
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Verb1.unitize - divide (bulk material) and process as units
carve up, dissever, divide, split, split up, separate - separate into parts or portions; "divide the cake into three equal parts"; "The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I"
2.unitize - make into a unit; "unitize a car body"
aggregate, combine - gather in a mass, sum, or whole
3.unitize - separate or classify into units; "The hospital was unitized for efficiency"
class, classify, sort out, assort, sort, separate - arrange or order by classes or categories; "How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?"
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MANUFACTURERS of unitizing equipment--including conventional and robotic palletizers and stretch wrap machines--are unveiling new features in their offerings that address the oft-heard lament from their customers: "no time, no tools, no talent."
The Sentry semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine is offered as an entry-level solution to unitizing pallet loads with stretch film.
Between spinning and unitizing, the glass is wetted, baked, slit, separated, faced, bonded, chopped, and packaged 24 hours a day, every day--making enough in a year to swath a million homes in the pink ...
* The weight of the pallets, platforms, racks, skids, unitizing material, or packing devices.
Unitizing rolls require less packaging material and result in lower shipping costs.
It aims at making fitness activation easy for all with an innovative business model and disrupts the fitness subscription concept by unitizing the model.
Amid SKU growth and increased demand, the company refurbished, relocated and expanded its existing robotic unitizing system to meet present and future needs.
Ideal for securing and protecting doors, windows, moldings, shelves and other products requiring bundling, palletizing or unitizing for transport, the machines accommodate bulky, flat, loose, light and heavy loads in unlimited lengths with packaging diameters up to 48.80".
With high-volume, automatic stretch wrappers unitizing up to 100 loads an hour, rare is the manager who isn't interested in controlling stretch film costs.
"That feature allows the technology to be applied in consumer packaged goods handling, such as unitizing pallet-based orders that contain a variety of different products for stores or directly to customers."
Not only do sound unitizing practices help an organization save money over the long haul, the right application secures and stabilizes the load and protects the product while in transit.
An end-of-the-line function, like unitizing, is just the beginning when it comes to creating the perfect load for handling, shipping and storing product--but it's also an excellent place to look for multiple benefits.