universal class

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universal class


universal set

(Mathematics) (in Boolean algebra) the class containing all points and including all other classes
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It seems illogical to have a universal educational program when we do not have a universal class in the Philippines.
Lot 3 - apparatus mechanical ventilation universal class - 4 units.
The universal class 5 assessment was prepared in accordance with
"So far, most people have been supportive of the model," she said, "even though it doesn't allow what I call a 'universal class pass' where you can drop-in to any class.
Industrialization inspired Marxist utopian dreams of a new society for the "universal class" of workers at the cost of millions.
This little known chapter of Wobbly history, according to Adler, had a transformative effect on Hill, turning him into the hardened believer visualizing the struggle between labour and capital as a universal class war.
In what follows V denotes the universal class: V = {x | x = x}.
The company said that its Universal class of ICE Cube data centre modules offer organisations greater flexibility and deployment options.

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