universal coupling

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universal coupling

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u′niver′sal joint′

Mach. a coupling between rotating shafts set at an angle to one another, allowing for rotation in three planes.
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Here the universal coupling is inserted to be compatible with the (weak) equivalence principle.
Attachments connect with a quick disconnect coupling with a universal coupling pin.
The company claims a penetrating profile, a flexible, non-marking body design, tremendous strength and service capability, exceptional maneuverability, a universal coupling system and an eventual availability in multiple sizes.
The FLEXX-RIGHT has a penetrating profile, a flexible, non-marking body design, tremendous strength and service, exceptional maneuverability, and a universal coupling system.
These components use TRUMPF's patented universal coupling point system, which allows for the easy exchange of modular components so every TRUMPF table can be configured with the right components to meet the needs of virtually any surgical discipline.
General relativity is established on two principles (Einstein et al 1923, Einstein 1954), namely: 1) Einstein's equivalence principle, which requires the Einstein-Minkowski condition that a free falling point-like particle in a gravitational field is along a geodesic and results in a co-moving local Minkowski space; and 2) the principle of general relativity, that is "The law of physics must be of such a nature that they apply to systems of reference in any kind of motion." However, in current theory, there are other additional implicit assumptions such as the universal coupling (Lo 1997).

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