universal donor

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universal donor

A person who has group O blood and is therefore able to serve as a donor to a person of any other blood group in the ABO system.

universal donor

(Medicine) a person who has blood of group O and whose blood may be safely transfused to persons with most other blood types

u′niver′sal do′nor

a person with blood type O.
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Noun1.universal donor - a person whose type O Rh-negative blood may be safely transfused into persons with other blood typesuniversal donor - a person whose type O Rh-negative blood may be safely transfused into persons with other blood types
blood donor - someone who gives blood to be used for transfusions

uni·ver·sal do·nor

n. donante universal, persona que pertenece al grupo de sangre tipo O, de factor RH negativo, cuya sangre puede ser dada a personas con sangre tipo ABO con poco riesgo de complicaciones.
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'You might not be totally sure what each bit means, but one of them is definitely a universal donor (O) and another is a universal recipient (AB).'
1949 0 NEGATIVE Blood in most demand because it's the universal donor type
OCEANSIDE, Calif., Dec 10, 2018 -- Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC: TSOI) has signed an agreement with Jadi Cell LLC to license the Jadi Cell universal donor adult stem cell (U.S.
M2 PHARMA-December 4, 2018-FDA Clears SpinalCyte IND Application for Universal Donor Cell Therapy to Treat Lower Back Pain
"O negative is especially important because it is the universal donor group which can be given to almost anyone in emergencies." He added: "We need donors with other blood groups to keep their appointments usual but this urgent appeal is specific to O negative.
What blood type do you need to be a universal donor? 3.
A ten-year experience of microsurgical reconstruction using 334 latissimus dorsi flaps from a universal donor site." Annals of plastic surgery 2015; 75(1): 49-54.
In October 2017, the Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine (AIRM) and Universal Cells entered into an exclusive license agreement to utilize Universal Donor Cell technology in a single indication.
The deal brings the Universal Donor Cell technology to Astellas Pharma, with which it will create cell therapy products that do not require Human Leukocyte Antigen matching, potentially overcoming a major treatment challenge by reducing the risk of rejection.
If you with one important groups, just Newcastle O negative is the universal donor blood which can be safely given to almost anyone, making it especially valuable for trauma patients where there is little time to test for blood groups.
Because he has the rare blood group B+, Teddy relied on transfusions of 0-blood - the universal donor - as his group is in such short supply.

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