universal suffrage

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Noun1.universal suffrage - suffrage for all adults who are not disqualified by the laws of the country
right to vote, suffrage, vote - a legal right guaranteed by the 15th amendment to the US Constitution; guaranteed to women by the 19th amendment; "American women got the vote in 1920"
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"Be good enough to lie still while I walk upon you, singing the praises of universal suffrage and descanting upon the blessings of civil and religious liberty.
Parties of principle, as, religious sects, or the party of free-trade, of universal suffrage, of abolition of slavery, of abolition of capital punishment,--degenerate into personalities, or would inspire enthusiasm.
Universal suffrage, which finds such favor in the sight of those persons who belong to the constitutional opposition, as it is called, was a capital institution in the Church, because (as you yourself have just pointed out, dear pastor) the individuals of whom the Church was composed were all well educated, disciplined by religious feeling, thoroughly imbued with the spirit of the same system, well aware of what they wanted and whither they were going.
First, a modified monarchy, till Arthur's days were done, then the destruction of the throne, nobility abolished, every member of it bound out to some useful trade, universal suffrage instituted, and the whole government placed in the hands of the men and women of the nation there to remain.
Universal suffrage of "one person, one vote" for selecting the Chief Executive and electing all Legislative Council members is enshrined as an ultimate aim in the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
Over 2.5 million voters will exercise universal suffrage to elect their representatives for the provincial legislature.
This year is the Centenary of the Representation of the People Act 1918, which gave all men and some women the right to vote - campaigners had to wait another 10 years for universal suffrage.
According to the Constitution, out of the 61 senators, two are to be nominated by the King, two to be chosen by the National Assembly and the remaining 57 must be elected essentially by a college of commune councillors who are themselves elected through universal suffrage at local elections.
A VOODOO doll sent to a woman campaigning for universal suffrage is one of the artifacts going on display this weekend.
None of these elections were based on universal suffrage, first and foremost because women could not vote, and so we have no firm data whatsoever on the views of half of the Jewish population.
But it was a setback for Beijing's Communist leaders, who said in response that they remained committed to universal suffrage for Hong Kong but signalled no further concessions to the pro-democracy opposition.

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