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1. Universalism The doctrine, held especially by some Christian groups, that all people will eventually be saved.
2. The condition of being universal, as in range or application; universality: the universalism of a signaling system in human cells.
3. The belief that a particular theory or religion has universal application and is not limited in scope.

u′ni·ver′s·alist adj. & n.
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a person who has a wide range of interests, knowledge, activities, etc
characterized by universality
ˌuniˌversalˈistic adj
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(ˌyu nəˈvɜr sə lɪst)

1. a person characterized by universalism, as in knowledge, interests, or activities.
2. (cap.) a member of a liberal religious denomination advocating Universalism. Compare Unitarian Universalist.
3. (cap.) Also, U`ni•ver`sal•is′tic. of or pertaining to Universalism or Universalists.
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Adj.1.universalist - of or relating to or tending toward universalism
theology, divinity - the rational and systematic study of religion and its influences and of the nature of religious truth
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Very fitly therefore I assert that every man is a partialist, that nature secures him as an instrument by self-conceit, preventing the tendencies to religion and science; and now further assert, that, each man's genius being nearly and affectionately explored, he is justified in his individuality, as his nature is found to be immense; and now I add that every man is a universalist also, and, as our earth, whilst it spins on its own axis, spins all the time around the sun through the celestial spaces, so the least of its rational children, the most dedicated to his private affair, works out, though as it were under a disguise, the universal problem.
Is it that every man believes every other to be an incurable partialist, and himself a universalist? I talked yesterday with a pair of philosophers; I endeavored to show my good men that I love everything by turns and nothing long; that I loved the centre, but doated on the superficies; that I loved man, if men seemed to me mice and rats; that I revered saints, but woke up glad that the old pagan world stood its ground and died hard; that I was glad of men of every gift and nobility, but would not live in their arms.
When an itinerant priest of the persuasion of the Methodists, Baptists, Universalists, or of the more numerous sect of the Presbyterians, was accidentally in the neighborhood, he was ordinarily invited to officiate, and was commonly rewarded for his services by a collection in a hat, before the congregation separated.
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WESTBORO -- The Unitarian Universalist Congregational Society of Westborough will be presenting a comprehensive sexuality education program called Our Whole Lives, a program created jointly by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ.
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Agriculturalists wanted a different denomination, and brought the Universalist Church to town," Ms.
But the largest single organization of humanists in the United States is the Unitarian Universalist Association and its thousand or so local congregations.
Byline: Submitted by Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva
AS A UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST Minister and advocate for women's health rights and justice, I found this latest issue of Conscience truly insightful.
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Wichita, 7202 E.