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Universal in character or scope: universalistic values.
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Adj.1.universalistic - of or relating to or tending toward universalism
theology, divinity - the rational and systematic study of religion and its influences and of the nature of religious truth
2.universalistic - of or relating to the wholeuniversalistic - of or relating to the whole    
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Unlike demagogues, especially the chest-thumping zealots who tend to take their nations down the path of mindless war, the modern military is instead anchored by a 'conservative outlook,' which is 'divorced from universalistic pretensions, and [is] simply content to preserve and secure what it has.'
Does the EU-ization of Europe equals to a restoration of the universalistic world of Rome's Papacy, to a restaging of the Roman-Catholic Caliphate?
The irony that this supposedly enlightened and universalistic outlook on morality can be applied only to the West is simply something to be ignored.
Agenda-wise, parties are either particularistic or universalistic. Particularistic parties focus on a limited number of issues, geography or population groups.
We opened our Embassy in Baku in 2009 not only because Brazil spouses a universalistic approach to foreign relations, but mostly because we recognize Azerbaijan's importance and its uniqueness as a bridge between the East and the West.
The authors cover particularism within the context of universalistic popular culture, the size and reach of the Japanese popular culture industry, the positionality of TokyoAEs pop culture nucleus in cool Japan industries and globalized fandom consumption, observational studies fieldwork in Japan, and many other related subjects.
Is the EU on its way to end up as the League of nations - pretending to be universalistic project, but by excluding major powers, derogating itself to the margins of history?' - asked Prof.
The Universalistic Perspective: The universalistic perspective is the simplest of human resource management strategies.
The potential for solidarity of non-Western peoples against Western hegemony hinted in the idea of Pan-Asianism was somehow lost in this context closing down the possibility of "universalistic" anti-colonial/anti-imperial solidarity.
A new model to measure an HPWS called the Total Strategic Resource Approach, which is based on the universalistic, contingent and resource-based view was suggested.