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1. Of, relating to, or affecting the entire universe: the universal laws of physics.
2. Including, relating to, or affecting all members of the class or group under consideration; applicable in all cases: universal vaccination; universal suffrage. See Synonyms at general.
3. Done, produced, or shared by all members of the class or group under consideration: a discovery that met with universal acclaim.
4. Adapted or adjustable to many sizes, uses, or devices: a universal remote control.
5. Logic Encompassing all of the members of a class or group. Used of a proposition.
1. Logic
a. A universal proposition.
b. A general or abstract concept or term considered absolute or axiomatic.
2. A general or widely held principle, concept, or notion.
3. A trait or pattern of behavior characteristic of all the members of a particular culture or of all humans.

u′ni·ver′sal·ly adv.
u′ni·ver′sal·ness n.
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This system is under the responsibility of the federal government and was developed through joint leaders in sanitary movements after the military regime and is guided by three basic principles: its Universalness; its Completeness; and its Equity.
The advantage of GA is the rapidity of convergence and universalness. However, premature convergence is the shortcoming of GA, and the speed of convergence is slow in later iteration process.
"I was really interested in writing something that spoke directly to gay teenagers right in this moment.'' There's also a universalness at the book s core--the need to find one's tribe, the power of friendship, and the struggle to overcome our greatest enemies (frequently, ourselves)--that lends it a soulful longevity.