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Having only one meaning; unambiguous.
A word or term having only one meaning.

[From Late Latin ūnivocus : Latin ūni-, uni- + Latin vocāre, to say; see wekw- in Indo-European roots.]

u·niv′o·cal·ly adv.


unambiguous or unmistakable
a word or term that has only one meaning
ˌuniˈvocally adv


(yuˈnɪv ə kəl, ˌyu nəˈvoʊ-)

having only one meaning; unambiguous.
[1535–45; < Late Latin ūnivōc(us) (ūni- uni- + -vōcus, adj. derivative of vōx, s. vōc-, voice) + -al1]
u•niv′o•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.univocal - admitting of no doubt or misunderstandingunivocal - admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion; "unequivocal evidence"; "took an unequivocal position"; "an unequivocal success"; "an unequivocal promise"; "an unequivocal (or univocal) statement"
unambiguous - having or exhibiting a single clearly defined meaning; "As a horror, apartheid...is absolutely unambiguous"- Mario Vargas Llosa
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We call such exercises of popular sovereignty univocal constitution-making, because in them a popular majority qualifies as speaking for "the people" as a whole by satisfying certain procedural criteria for proposal and amendment.
The summit discussed the leaders' agenda for work in the next two years, and "I am happy to have received univocal support of all the EU leaders to go ahead with this plan," he said.
their univocal parallels set between the events in Catalonia and those in Ukraine, Kosovo, or even Macedonia.
In production, a 1TrueID NFC washable tag is encoded with univocal data related to a single custom-made shirt that it is applied to the item, allowing the seller and customer, alike, to easily re-order shirts using smartphones that read the embedded tag.
However, the jingoistic congratulations of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party government at the Centre, for its univocal support to the cause of Muslim women, feels like an appropriation of the decades-long struggle by grass-roots women's groups who worked with the Muslim community.
I want to say to those in this room, who were the harshest critics of the European Council for not taking a sufficiently univocal position, that they can help, by doing the work, both in their political families and in Member States.
As Heidegger argues, the rigor and strength of philosophy do not consist in the development of a univocal and universal method, but in philosophy's ability to embrace (not just tolerate) the questioning of its basic concepts.
It is not a univocal choice but a skill that makes it possible to have the widest possible vision on design.
Univocal Publishing, Minneapolis, 322pp, ISBN 9781937561963 (pbk)
In the context of treating risks evaluation in accounting we have asked the research question: what kind of relationship is there between accounting and financial risk--is it a univocal relationship (the accounting model determines the analyzing model of financial risk or the evolution of risk reality determines the accounting model) or a bi-univocal one?
In this text Avicenna explicitly declares that metaphysical notions like existence (wujud) are not univocal or equivocal, but are instead what I shall call analogical.
At the same time, however, Balthasar is "critical of the univocal ascription of faith to Christ and contends that Christ's faith is qualitatively different from the faith of believers on account of the provenience of his mission" (137).