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Having only one meaning; unambiguous.
A word or term having only one meaning.

[From Late Latin ūnivocus : Latin ūni-, uni- + Latin vocāre, to say; see wekw- in Indo-European roots.]

u·niv′o·cal·ly adv.
References in classic literature ?
A man and an ox are both 'animal', and these are univocally so named, inasmuch as not only the name, but also the definition, is the same in both cases: for if a man should state in what sense each is an animal, the statement in the one case would be identical with that in the other.
However, the occupation of Palestine remains one of the only issues on which the Muslim countries put all their differences aside and univocally argue for a Palestinian state.
34) At the same time, God's essence cannot be demonstrated, and thus God is, for natural reason, designated univocally only by negation--in contrast to designation of things in the world, which occurs in terms of their features.
It has been polished and univocally adopted at lower levels, said the Belarus president.
Although the latter position is closer to Sherman's own, he refrains from declaring that modernism might choose univocally to embrace mortal obligation over its loss.
She turns to the crowd, now a "vast multitude," saying that if they will not offer her "protection," then she will endeavor to protect herself, upon which it responds univocally with "Protection
There is no suggestion that this is a predicable genus said univocally of all things.
These portraits were, however, by no means univocally Protestant: although John Foxe with his "clear Protestant agenda" (18) "insists on an almost monochromatically positive view of John as a victim of treacherous barons and perfidious churchmen" (19), most of the sixteenth-century chroniclers present him "as a much maligned, if imperfect, victim of overwhelming circumstances" (20).
Monge's method, known as descriptive geometry, uses two sets of parallel projections to univocally notate the position of any point in space onto two planes that, if needed, can be drawn on the same sheet of paper.
Anti-urbanism is absent from his conception, albeit Budapest, in his opinion, is a pathologically overdeveloped megapolis; he esteems the urban way of life is univocally superior comparing it to the way of life in countryside because of the material and cultural goods of civilization offered to the city dwellers.
Their focus on social disparities, economic innovation, research and development, scholarships, green energy and environmental protection are univocally related to some of the principal indicators of the aforementioned Agenda, while the fight against poverty and for social inclusion are other transversal priorities shared by the EU and the EEA, as part of their common agenda.
He was addressing a mammoth gathering on the fourth Foundation day of Qaumi Watan Party in which thousands of Party workers univocally demanded rights for the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.