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Noun1.unkemptness - a lack of order and tidinessunkemptness - a lack of order and tidiness; not cared for
untidiness - the condition of being untidy
shagginess - unkemptness of hair
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We explained to them their unkemptness in words that are so clean, it made them feel even dirtier.
The sly fellow with a bit of unkemptness was allegedly a chimney.
Director Topper Fabregas literally traps his two characters in a constricted space-an office pantry that mirrors their chaos and confusion with its unkemptness and disorder.
A militant unkemptness ruled, as if to divagate from the pursuit of truth and beauty for the mere niceties of respectable grooming would demonstrate one's peurility.
After the Udhiya (sacrifice) of the animal, you have almost completed the basic requirements of hajj, so you can make an end of your unkemptness (Quran 22:29).
gigantic, and the massive unkemptness of his appearance would impress an audience even before he began to win its sympathies with his persuasive oratory.
To begin with you would be put off by the very unkemptness' of both the boys.
A quality of unkemptness that we see in the artist's self-portraits characterizes his prose, too.
How can we possibly hope to hallmark Bahrain's friendliness and tolerance when people simply stop coming, because tourists remember the country for its litter, unkemptness and its undisciplined drivers.
As he continues his journey, however, he stops in increasingly rural regions where Anglo Americans begin to look on him with hostility and suspicion, perhaps in part because of his unconventional attire and his general unkemptness, which resulted from his many days of walking and frequently sleeping outdoors.