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Adj.1.unkeyed - characterized by avoidance of traditional western tonalityunkeyed - characterized by avoidance of traditional western tonality
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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It has the AES-like primitive as an internal unkeyed permutation, and uses a sponge-like construction as the domain extension algorithm.
One of the main interests of using Marvin is that it follows the ALRED construction [47], meaning that each block of the message blocks is processed using a few unkeyed rounds of an underlying block cipher (the so-called Square Complete Transform, SCT) instead of a full encryption as in CMAC.
The GPS-S can operate in keyed and unkeyed modes to address operational needs.
of Zurich, Switzerland, provides students and practitioners such as computer scientists, electrical engineers, and applied mathematicians with a textbook on tools and applications in contemporary cryptography, including unkeyed, secret key, and public key cryptosystems.
Oppliger (University of Zurich, Switzerland) introduces the current state of the art in modern cryptography, providing practitioners with an understanding of essential tools and applications to use in daily work, complete coverage of basic principles of cryptography, mathematical fundamentals, and details on unkeyed, secret key, and public key cryptosystems.
While leaving a repeater station unmanned in an unprotected area is probably not a good idea (even unkeyed radios are COMSEC controlled items) it could be done since capture of an AN/PRC-148 retransmission station still won't compromise net transmission security.