Unknown quantities

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(Math.) quantities whose values are sought.

See also: Quantity

References in classic literature ?
In the eyes only could be caught any hint of the unknown quantities that were so large a part of his make-up and that other persons could not understand.
Supposing we were to reverse our arithmetic for material objects, and to govern these awful unknown quantities by other means!
Conclusion Several unknown quantities in this and I'm a layer.
These factors are the unknown quantities that will only become apparent once the festival has begun.
According to the report, the British government had approved arms export license last year, which included 100 pistols, 130 rifles, 210 combat shotguns, 600 assault rifles, unknown quantities of small arms ammunition and unknown quantities of machine guns.
This can't be the greatest bet in the world as there are a few unknown quantities in the race but it''s worth having 2pt win.
During the search, gardai found unknown quantities of cocaine, cannabis and a firearm.
We deal with the study of the senses and the meanings generated in the representation of the unknowns in the resolution of word problems involving two unknown quantities.
They are hardly unknown quantities, however, and I'm sure Liverpool will be prepared.