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Adj.1.unlabeled - lacking a label or tagunlabeled - lacking a label or tag; "unlabeled luggage is liable to be lost"
labeled, labelled, tagged - bearing or marked with a label or tag; "properly labeled luggage"
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The NAFDAC Director noted that the seized consignments included: cartons of Isner Mile Minoxidil Hair Spray imported from China estimated to be N200,000 and One carton of an unlabeled off-white powdery substance estimated to worth N500,000 from China.
The Ecowaste Coalition urged school authorities to ensure that the medals are safe from harmful components, this after the group found "cheap and unlabeled medals" tainted with lead and are being sold for as low as P25 in Quiapo and Sta.
The EcoWaste Coalition urged school authorities to ensure that only lead-safe mementos are procured and given to outstanding student achievers after finding some cheap, unlabeled medals sold for as low as P25 in Quiapo and Sta.
First of all this should be done if the goods don't conform to the labeling or they are completely unlabeled."
'If you find any imported food products still unlabeled in the markets, those could be the one imported before the enforcement of the rule,' Kubir Nath Khattarai said, adding that this is because they allowed the shopkeepers to dispose the unlabeled foods that were imported before the rule came into effect.
The PNP's list of illegal firecrackers include piccolo, watusi, giant whistle bomb, giant bawang, large judas belt, super lolo or thunder lolo, atomic bomb, atomic big triangulo, pillbox, boga, kwiton, Goodbye Earth, Goodbye Bading, Hello Columbia, Coke-in-Can, kabasi, og, and other unlabeled and imported firecrackers.
However, some favorable information in unlabeled samples cannot be effectively exploited.
The decree provides the market with a grace period until the end of 2017 in order to sell all unlabeled produce before facing penalties.
While it's also possible to learn from unlabeled data, this had typically not worked very well.
As the dataset collected in our experiments is trapped in a special case where limited drug target proteins are known while the rest are uncertain in labels, the screening of potential drug target proteins from the unlabeled is complicated.
Harvested labeled and unlabeled hDPSCs were immersed in 2.5% buffered glutaraldehyde at 4[degrees]C for 1h and fixed with 1% osmium tetroxide (Fluka, Sigma-Aldrich) for 2 h for observation.