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1. Done with or requiring little effort; effortless.
2. Not tilled or cultivated.
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A study investigating unlabored primary cesarean deliveries at a single academic center from 2003 to 2010 found that total cesarean delivery time increased by 16 minutes over the study period, although time to deliver the baby out was unchanged.
In Roscoe's words, he took the "rude and unlabored anecdotes" of Cento novella antiche and other sources, and upon them he exercised "his eloquent and inventive powers, which, for fanciful embellishment, ease and elegance of narration, and a pervading interest, have never been surpassed.
The patient now has a patent inner cannula, unlabored respirations at 20 per minute, humidification, and a pulse oximetry reading of 99%.
Of Obama's Amendments least favored / He finds First, Fourth and Second ill-flavored / If you'd just shut your mouth / And disarm there, Deep South / He could kick in your door most unlabored.
As Schriber suggests, the text "is deliberately and laboriously crafted to appear to be spontaneous, unlabored, and uncrafted" (107).
Chest has coarse upper airway sounds, but the breathing is unlabored.
The "inescapably dialogic approach to natural inquiry" achieves a kind of marriage of best skills, "an approach to philosophy that is as unlabored as it is clear and persuasive" (Shank 101) exemplified by the metonymic power of the eponymous entretien or "conversation" between its two protagonists.
Kalshan was sleeping in the ER with respirations even, and unlabored.
In fact, his mock-Wordsworth adds to his confident assertion of his unlabored labor by exuberantly highlighting the sublimely bathetic difficulties and unaccountability of his text: "I can safely say, that while its imaginations spring beyond the reach of the imaginative, its occasional meaning occasionally falls far below the meanest capacity" (174).
Sprightly, witty, distinctly unlabored, at times willfully unacademic, Reading Boyishly plots its course as: "Ancient boys, aged children, adolescent gentlemen: I dish them up as boyish cuisine.
Lungs: Respirations were regular and unlabored, no tachypnea noted, few scattered crackles in lung bases, otherwise clear to auscultation; and
His respirations were shallow but unlabored, with a rate of 19/min.