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Adj.1.unlaureled - not crowned with laurel; having no acclaim or reward; "the unlaureled heroism of endurance"- Francis Parkman
laureled, laurelled, crowned - crowned with or as if with laurel symbolizing victory
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"When we count our treasures," Curtis urged, "let us remember the unnamed, the devoted sons and brothers and husbands and lovers, who have obeyed the call of their country" and "have marched to battle and to death, knowing that their fall must be unknown to all but those whose homes it would darken, and whose hearts it would break."(15) In March 1862 the Southern Monthly also urged its readers to remember the "unlaureled heroes," who "fall undecked with victory's splendors"(16) In both North and South, writers not only asserted the importance of remembering all "fallen soldiers" during the war, but also assigned literature a central role in accomplishing this task.
(16) Guy, "Unlaureled Heroes," Southern Monthly 1 (Mar.
Unmighty, unslain, unlaureled, almost unremembered, unbleeding, unboasted, uncrowned, he fosters in the poet an "unavailing woe," and the parallel impotency links victim and mourner.