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1. Not lawful; illegal.
2. Contrary to accepted morality or convention; illicit.

un·law′ful·ly adv.
un·law′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.unlawfulness - the quality of failing to conform to law
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
illegality - unlawfulness by virtue of violating some legal statute
illegitimacy - unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law
illicitness - the quality of not conforming strictly to law
shadiness - of questionable honesty or legality; "they acted with such obvious shadiness that they were instantly recognizable"; "the shadiness of their transactions"
lawfulness - the quality of conforming to law


The state or quality of being illegal:
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By his plea last Monday he has owned up to the unlawfulness of that attack.
53 to 60 and 65): journalists' right not to reveal their sources may not be considered a mere privilege granted or withdrawn in terms of the lawfulness or unlawfulness of the sources, but must be seen as a real attribute of the right to information, to be treated with the greatest caution.
Stressing that he was sure of the innocence of the businessmen, Ay-baba told reporters after visiting them in prison, "Unfortunately, what bothers me the most is that society remains silent in the face of such unlawfulness.
While some of Cllr Bradley's actions could have been said to have damaged his personal reputation, for conduct to be disreputable to a member's office or authority there must, in the ethical standards officer's view, generally be some additional element pointing to a lapse in standards, such as improper motive, unlawfulness, the hope of personal gain or gratuitously offensive behaviour.
Yesterday, defence counsel Alistair Webster QC challenged the traditional view of the courts that the unlawfulness of a piece of evidence did not necessarily render a conviction unsafe but was simply a factor to be taken into account when considering if a trial had been fair.
Annulment of decisions not to adopt the formal instruments contained in the Commission's recommendations pursuant to Article 104(8) and (9) EC and of the Council conclusions on assessing the actions taken by France and Germany in response to recommendations of the Council - Reduction of an excessive deficit - Unlawfulness of the decisions and of the Council conclusions - Adoption of an instrument not envisaged by the Treaty and contrary to the system it established.
Everybody should act in solidarity against this unlawfulness," Ilycak said.
Paul Johnson did not admit initially as to the unlawfulness of the first punch, but by his plea he now does.
React to those who grow more and more corrupt with each passing day by lending support to the ongoing crimes, injustice, unlawfulness, pressures and oppression.
A similar mindset is saliently visible behind the ongoing unlawfulness, arbitrariness, oppression and tyranny in Turkey.
Aren't those who replaced the Constitution, the law, democratic and diplomatic conventions, fundamental moral rules and court decisions with unscrupulousness, unlawfulness, arbitrariness, opportunism, guile and self-interests doing this publicly?
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- In this article, I could describe the injustice and unlawfulness experienced in 2015, which will be remembered as a year of oppression and tyranny, just like 1925 (for Kurds and religious groups), 1937 (for Alevis), 1942 (for non-Muslims), 1960 (for conservative groups), 1980 (for victims of the coup d'etat) and 1997 (for religious groups, again).