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tr.v. un·learned also un·learnt (-lûrnt′), un·learn·ing, un·learns
1. To put (something learned) out of the mind; forget.
2. To undo the effect of; put aside the practice of: tried to unlearn his habit of nail-biting.


(ʌnˈlɜːnt) or


1. denoting knowledge or skills innately present and therefore not learnt
2. not learnt or taken notice of: unlearnt lessons.
References in classic literature ?
Therefore do I here wait, crafty and scornful upon high mountains, no impatient one, no patient one; rather one who hath even unlearnt patience, --because he no longer "suffereth."
There was I a dragoon, roving, unsettled, not self-made like him, but self-unmade--all my earlier advantages thrown away, all my little learning unlearnt, nothing picked up but what unfitted me for most things that I could think of.
Having unlearnt the lesson from the previous wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan (the last ongoing), the mighty USA is trying to keep another recipe for unrest and war in the already fragile region of South-Asia.
It has to be unlearnt with every generation, which requires creating an intellectual culture favorable to capitalism and putting constitutional limits on the ability of democratic majorities to interfere with market outcomes.
The Tinubu group seems to have unlearnt all the ills of the First Republic.
Until women and men are understood as true equals and the attitudes and beliefs that maintain these power structures (including the norms that keep men as the unquestioned 'decision makers', 'discipliners', and 'heads' and women as 'subservient', 'docile' and 'obedient' (the servers of men) are unlearnt and dismantled, GBV will continue.
Instead the concept has to be unlearnt, troubled, problemalised, subverted and dismantled slowly--by stealth and not by strength.
The social-political newspaper Trud in its "Unlearnt lessons of Khojaly" article wrote that the world community hasn't had enough diplomatic will and coherence in its attempts to resolve the conflict.
'The jade that is not fashioned does not become a jewel, nor yet does the unlearnt man become one of stature.' (Zhang, 2015 p181)
There has been stranglehold of the powerful people who earned unlearnt income due to a constrained supply situation.
Against Portugal it was a case of lesson unlearnt. In added time and with the score at 2-0, the Gulf side's marking evaporated, leaving JoEo M[sz]rio free to take two touches on the edge of the area before drilling past Mohammed Al-Owais.
By: Mahmoud Oraby CAIRO --7 August 2017: He is without a doubt one of the smartest, most unpredictable villains of TV and fiction, which is exactly why his wisdom should not go unlearnt, after all, Lord Petyr Baelish aka Little finger can teach you a thing or two about life, even when it does not involve frozen zombies or uncomfortable chairs made of molten swords.