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Adj.1.unlicenced - lacking official approvalunlicenced - lacking official approval    
unauthorised, unauthorized - not endowed with authority
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An unlicenced Shropshire scrap collector was foiled by police and fined hundreds of pounds.
Coventry council must do more to get a grip on unlicenced Uber, a councillor has said, amid fears local cabbies are paying the price.
''The purpose of this notice is to warn members of the public against dealing with unlicenced and unregulated online forex dealers.
Also, the Director, Pharmaceutical Services in the ministry, Dr Moyosore Adejumo, said that the state government would not relent in its efforts to stop the inherent dangers associated with the operations from unlicenced pharmaceutical outlets and drug shops.
During the day long operation, unlicenced firearms were also recovered.
Two Asians were killed and two others injured in a horrific collision involving a bus and an unlicenced motorcycle in the industrial area on Sunday evening.
The First Criminal Division of the Ben Arous Court of First Instance on May 23 issued a judgment, upholding the decision to seize the equipment of Nessma TV taken by the HAICA Board in April 2019 over unlicenced broadcasting.
A 31-year-old man was charged in connection with the recovery, and was also charged with the alleged possession of an unlicenced air weapon, and was due to appear at Aberdeen sheriff Court on Friday.
Similarly, the Bhara Kahu police had arrested Fareed and recovered am unlicenced 30 bore pistol along with some bullets from his possession.
Muscat: The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has asked parents not to allow their children to ride motorcycles and drive off-road vehicles unaccompanied, especially unlicenced ones.
But the unlicenced and uninsured driver ignored the blue lights and sirens and tried to get away.
The police registered cases against 10 of the suspects for keeping unlicenced weapons and have sent them to lockup.