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adj. un·like·li·er, un·like·li·est
1. Not likely; improbable.
2. Not promising; likely to fail.

un·like′li·ness n.
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Noun1.unlikeliness - the improbability of a specified outcomeunlikeliness - the improbability of a specified outcome
improbability, improbableness - the quality of being improbable; "impossibility should never be confused with improbability"; "the improbability of such rare coincidences"
likelihood, likeliness - the probability of a specified outcome
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If I had been able, when I was the age of most of you here today, to look into a magic mirror and see myself today, I would have laughed at the unlikeliness.
Yet the sheer unlikeliness of Jelena Ostapenko and Sloane Stephens' grand slam victories in 2017 has given the whole women's draw at the Australian Open the feeling that maybe it could be them.
AS of [less than or equal to]7) indicates unlikeliness of AA at the rate of 26%.
Thesists can opt for a once-off creation; the rest of us can exult in the sheer unlikeliness that we are.
The unlikeliness of finding a plausible syntactic justification for these data has lead me to contemplate semantic criteria as possible alternative explanations.
The unlikeliness of the first image (a caipirinha dressed in Poiret) reflects in the unreality of the second ("teus olhos/Que nao viram.
During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the ballad was a genre made to bear the weight of national, ethnic, and cultural histories, yet by the beginning of the Victorian period, the unlikeliness of the ballad as historical document, the uncertainty of provenance even for ostensibly traditional ballads, also became part of the genre's meaning.
See Global Trade After the Failure of the Doha Round, supra note 1 (describing the failure of the Doha Round and the unlikeliness of a multilateral agreement in the near future).
It's a welcome acknowledgement of the unlikeliness of the casting, which turns out to be one of the film's chief strengths.
Just typing those words underlines their unlikeliness.
However, even Supreme Court Justices noted its unlikeliness because Poe was abandoned by her parents.
Nearing unlikeliness, and eight wins alone gets Sunderland there.