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'The key features of the blockchain are decentralization, transparency, theoretical unlimitedness, immutability.
Thought requires the discursive unlimitedness and contingency of all externality if it is to arrive at genuine belief.
It not only opens up space; it constitutes agency and freedom: "It expresses the unlimitedness of pleasure with respect to reality, the unlimitedness of repetition with respect to time, is at the same time the unlimitedness of the image itself; it is the unlimitedness of the limit itself because all limits, one by one, are exceeded.
The fundamental features of romantic melancholy were therefore the feeling of "isolation," "solitude," "emptiness," "unlimitedness," "unreality" (Babbitt 1919: 109, 281, 298, 324, 327, 329, 332).
Notice that when Rahner refers to the human capacity for the infinite, he is not referring to unlimitedness in regard to space-time per se, but rather to human openness to what is totally other, the incomprehensible mystery of God.
He provides four arguments for this: (1) that the Heavenly Tradition speaks of apeiron (unlimitedness) and peras (limit) as constituents of beings, whilst the Fourfold Division refers to them as classes or categories of beings; (2) that the term apeiron means something different in each; (3) that Forms do not come into being according to the Heavenly Tradition, but do according to the Fourfold Division; and (4) that all beings have both apeiron and peras according to the Heavenly Tradition, whereas some beings are said to possess one, but not the other in the Fourfold Division.
No more discarded crates that sit not quite in a corner but near enough to one so as to direct the very occasional seeker to the lost and found box that is "in the corner." It was a valuable service indeed to the individual but unlimitedness preempted this humble humanitarian gesture.
In fact, it does not represent a limit of science but its unlimitedness whereas, the hostility towards science, this yes, is the human limit of such accusation."