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Unfit for habitation; uninhabitable: an unlivable apartment.




not fit for living in
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Adj.1.unlivable - unfit or unsuitable to live in or withunlivable - unfit or unsuitable to live in or with; "unlivable substandard housing"
livable, liveable - fit or suitable to live in or with; "livable conditions"
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Wolf Larsen treasured against them the attempt on his life and the drubbing he had received in the forecastle; and morning, noon, and night, and all night as well, he devoted himself to making life unlivable for them.
In 2015, the United Nations issued a lengthy report that showed how that tormented strip of land will literally become unfit for human habitation, a place where, by the year 2020, life for the two million souls who live there will become unlivable. Folks, that's a few months away!
Two years ago, the United Nations described conditions for the two million people inhabiting the tiny coastal strip as increasingly "unlivable." And the situation has deteriorated since then.
When the US and North Korea traded threats of nuclear attack, we had fears that any such war was bound to affect us, first because we are seen as an ally of the US and second, because in any nuclear war, wide areas would be rendered unlivable for decades because of nuclear radia-tion.
A 2017 UN report predicted that Gaza, home to nearly two million Palestinians, would be unlivable by the year 2020.
"India cannot afford continued hostilities and a miscalculation will transform it into an unlivable piece of land."
The criteria of selection covered homeless households, the poorest households in totally unlivable shelters, the households with no breadwinners and households with people with disability.
After assessing across Idleb and Aleppo 112,777 shelters comprised of tents as well as houses IOMs partner organizations found almost 7,000 (or about six per cent of the total) completely unlivable.
More than 60,000 single-family houses, apartments and mobile homes were destroyed or rendered temporarily unlivable in the wake of the earthquake, which caused $20 billion in household damage and left 22,000 people homeless.
Summary: Snowstorms and weeks of bad weather have turned the lush Bekaa Valley into an unlivable swamp for tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.
As President, Sandy notes, "In the time I have been involved in the production side of this industry I have been surprised by some work conditions I have visited that are unacceptable and wages that are unlivable. I intend to build relationships with manufacturers that treat their employees fairly, and source responsibly and sustainably to ensure a great future for our clients and partners."
In the case, Nyamu argues that although Nairobi is a business and commercial hub in the Eastern Africa region, it has become unworkable and unlivable because Sonko has become negligent in his duties and roles of running the city.