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Adj.1.unliveable - unfit or unsuitable to live in or withunliveable - unfit or unsuitable to live in or with; "unlivable substandard housing"
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Roisin McAnerney and her 21-month-old son have had to leave the flat in Lisburn, Co Antrim, because it is "completely unliveable.
In 2012, a UN report warned that unless urgent action was taken Gaza risked becoming an unliveable place by 2020, with the degradation of Gaza s water supply, energy provision being unable to cope with demand, and the public education and health system collapsing as a result of high population growth.
In effect, Israel is slowly applying the same principle on the West Bank as it has forcibly expedited in the Gaza Strip -- making Palestine unliveable for Palestinians.
The worst bit is that now Direct Line think that it's safe for us to move back in and have said that they will no longer pay for us to stay at the hotel - but I think that it's completely unliveable.
lf Gaza was going to be an unliveable place by 2020 - before the latest fighting - it will now be an unliveable place considerably before then," Christopher Gunness, a spokesman for UNRWA told EurActiv, from the Gaza Strip.
ISLAMABAD -- The devastating September 7 floods have displaced hundreds of orphans in Kashmir valley as the floods apart from damaging houses, public and private infrastructure, also caused damage to several orphanages in Kashmir, rendering the premises unliveable for hundreds of orphan children.
The quake left the Beichuan county seat unliveable.
However later he condemned his tax fraud conviction as 'unreal' and said it was the result of 'politicised' judges who have made Italy unliveable and no longer a democracy.
Berlusconi condemned as "unreal" his tax fraud conviction and said it was the result of "politicised" judges who have made Italy unliveable and no longer a democracy.
However, the survey excluded more unliveable cities such as Baghdad and Kabul which are definitely worse than Dhaka and other Bangladeshi cities.
Nigel Jennings spent years filling his house in Birkenhead and accumulated so many possessions it made it almost unliveable.
Sixty per cent of the village was unliveable when it was handed over to us .