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tr.v. un·lived, un·liv·ing, un·lives
To undo the effects of; annul.
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Succumbing to an influence they never realised, they were merely dupes of the instinct that possessed them, and life slipped through their fingers unlived. But he had a feeling that life was to be lived rather than portrayed, and he wanted to search out the various experiences of it and wring from each moment all the emotion that it offered.
Then Wingrave stopped short for he felt stirring within him all the long repressed madness of his unlived manhood.
Why did that fool allow himself to die of hunger with sixty years of unlived life before him?
Cypriot volunteer with Conscious Impact organisation Vasilia Vasiliou didn't just honour her friend Stalo by experiencing her unlived dream while volunteering on the mountain but changed her view on life.
My mother, one of the most impactful influences in my life, always says; 'a dream unlived is a life haunted,' This means I had to go for my dream, even in the face of fear.
Will it set off a new journey of fulfilling unlived moments and dreams?
The 21 topics discussed in "Engaging the Ineffable Engaging the Ineffable" by David Krueger are desire, time, memory, nostalgia, belief, hope, story, serendipity, synchronicity, self, feelings, mastery, gender, secrets, attachment, empathy, psychoanalysis, unlived, joy, fairytales, and death.
A long-term vacant property is defined as one which has been unlived in, and unfurnished, for at least six months.
In a haunting portrayal of unlived lives and paths that diverge, Courting Mr.
Take action Much like the concept of moving clutter to move energy, stagnant thoughts and unlived desires build up and manifest into depression and fatigue.
When you're a kid ndash especially when you're the runt or bunso ndash you can't wait to be older so you could do all the fun stuff the older kids do, like ride the two-wheeled bike without training wheels and go roller skating (no rollerblades or skateboards in those days) around the compound by yourself and go "ghost hunting" at night in the two "haunted" houses (they were more dusty than haunted, unlived in after the aunts moved out).
The novel becomes the narrator's self-portrait of an adventurous time in his life, an enlightened vision of a life previously unlived. Killing Commendatore is another wonderfully elaborate Murakami concoction.