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Adj.1.unlogical - lacking in correct logical relationunlogical - lacking in correct logical relation
incoherent - without logical or meaningful connection; "a turgid incoherent presentation"
irrational - not consistent with or using reason; "irrational fears"; "irrational animals"
unreasonable - not reasonable; not showing good judgment
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The traditional attitude of the white towards the Negro is to treat him, at best, as an end-man; to laugh down at him in a kindly way; to assume that he is more absurd that we are, instead of merely revealing his absurdities in ways which we can see, while we remain comparatively blind to our own unlogical and childish acts.
It is not possible to explain the murders with "unlogical" rationales in another way.
"The industry is consolidating, so the expectation is that those who survive--and Bosch will survive--will be better off than they were before having to compete with some very weak and half-dying suppliers who influenced the market because someone who is fighting for life is forced to do things which are very unlogical in the medium-and long-term and that impacts everyone in the business," Bohr says.