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Adj.1.unlubricated - not lubricatedunlubricated - not lubricated      
greased, lubricated - smeared with oil or grease to reduce friction
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[11] conducted a multiobjective optimization research of the processing factors in turning a heat-treated alloy steel material (J-steel) using uncoated tungsten-carbide tools under unlubricated conditions.
The combination of this two aspects makes 2-MTHF a very poor lubricant ([WSD.sub.2-MTHF] = 855.1 [micro]m) and only the non-polar n-octane and the unlubricated test produced larger wear scars.
The friction coefficient was evaluated in unlubricated sliding conditions at ambient temperature.
Damaged and unlubricated rudder bearings make helming difficult, and expends physical energy.
Moreover, an increasing trend of the IMEP and maximum pressure level inside the cylinder during the recorded 200 consecutive cycles, justified by the increasing thermal status of the engine, which is in mild temperature condition at the beginning of the acquisition in order to avoid overheating of the unlubricated sealing rings of the piston.
Matsumura, "The effect of temperature on the unlubricated sliding wear of 5 CrNiMo steel against 40 MnB steel in the range 400-600[degrees]C," Tribology International, vol.
The friction coefficient of the lubricated and unlubricated layers was 0.13 and 0.6, respectively.
The cartridge itself consisted of a sturdy linen case and unlubricated 430- to 450-grain conical bullet that featured a single .56 flange at the base.
In the gynaecological OPD, after assuring the patient, a clean unlubricated Cusco's vaginal speculum was passed into the vagina to examine the condition of the vaginal wall, cervix, and characteristics of the discharge [with respect to amount, odour, and type of discharge, which was described as normal (Mucoid or floccular), purulent, curdy, or thin and homogenous.
Dhanasekaran and Gnanamoorthy investigated the influence of material properties on sintered gear tooth wear under dry running (unlubricated) condition [13].
In September of 1917, Eickhoff broke the news to Thompson and thought that the project was now doomed, as the original specification was for an unlubricated rifle cartridge.
Consequently, abrasive wear will quickly develop between the two unlubricated, sliding metal surfaces.