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1. Difficult or impossible to manage or control: unmanageable traffic congestion.
2. Difficult to carry or maneuver; unwieldy: unmanageable bundles.

un·man′age·a·bil′i·ty n.
un·man′age·a·bly adv.
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68) For Justice Scalia, the "record of puzzlement and consternation" under the Bandemer standard proved the unmanageability of any standard for gerrymandering.
Despite these negative connotations, however, the relatively new field of chaos theory may help to establish some coherence within public relations situations whose salient feature is the unmanageability of public perceptions.
Absence of indigenous psychological measures leads to the ignorance towards the assessment of PAD in Pakistan which ultimately leads to their chronicty, unmanageability and persistence in Pakistani mothers.
If every zone of constitutional law received the attention the Court has recently devoted to areas such as the Confrontation Clause and the jury trial right, the constitutional docket might swell to the point of unmanageability regardless of whether the Court opted to issue concise, narrow-gauge opinions.
Tracing limits on judicial review to problems of textual assignment and judicial unmanageability may support exercising broader review when those particular problems are absent.
While in many cases, relying on "say-so" may result in overwhelming difficulties relating to the provision of notice and the disbursement of damages, rising to the level of genuine unmanageability, in many cases it may not.
Too much flexibility and choice for the individual may result in too much complexity, uncertainty and unmanageability on behalf of care providers, and vice-versa.
For instance, modeling assumptions (which revert to idealizing the physical system) are generally false relative to a standard governing theory, and the need for a model usually arises from some unmanageability of this governing theory.
2011) Customers undergo some degree of risk because of the characteristics of the Internet method of purchasing and the unpredictability and unmanageability of e-commerce setting.
Both of these examples, in mobilizing a strategy of unmanageability and demanding that the literary object participate in a wider social and political environment, run the risk of annulling the very concept of the autonomy of art.
However, innovation in this decade is becoming too complex and thus, is resulting in unmanageability (Castellani & Zanfei, 2003; Miller, 1994; Niosi, 1999).
This unmanageability manifested in the binge eating disorder (BED) may be associated with hormonal disturbances that make difficult the identification of satiety (PAPELBAUM et al.